Cadena De Gafas Emmanuelle Khanh Paris


Thought as precious fashion accessories, the small chains can be worn with your sunglasses but is also adjustable in a necklace with its clasp. Emblematic of Emmanuelle Khanh’s fashion and function creed Signed by its EK charms, this unique piece.


Born in Paris, Emmanuelle Khanh enters the fashion world at the end of the 50s as a model. At the beginning of the 60s, she becomes interested by styling and she collaborates with rising brands of the time – Cacharel or Missoni. She seizes a fast-changing time period: the liberation of the woman’s body, the democratization of fashion, the growing awareness of youth’s strength. At the avant-garde of these transformations, she imagines the wardrobe of the modern, free and active woman who emancipates of the stiff social yokes. Emmanuelle Khanh is the very first woman to draw models for the Créateur section of the La Redoute catalog.


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